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Twickenham & Surrounding areas

Twickenham is located in the western part of London on the Thames River. Due to the river being nearby, there have been great opportunities for boat building, fishing, and shipping. Gunpowder was once manufactured on an industrial scale in Twickenham during the 18th century. There were frequent explosions at the manufacturing sites and all mills closed after 1927. This site is now Crane Park, where the Shot Tower, blast embankments, and mill sluices can still view. Twickenham is famous for the home of the Rugby Union. Public transportation is prevalent here with the many underground stations, buses and twickenham taxi. Let us continue this article by giving you some information on this town…twickenham taxi

The rugby stadium

The eye catching rugby stadium was built in 1908 on what was originally a cabbage farm. Hence that is why it is commonly called the Cabbage Patch.The green fields twickenham rugby ground initially only held  around 20,000 people, but now it can hold up to 82,000 spectators.

Twickenham Rugby Ground is the second largest stadium found in England after Wembley stadium.Offices of the Rugby Football Union are found at Twickenham stadium, which is also a base for rugby throughout all of England.


As for entertainment in Twickenham, there are numerous cinemas, bowling, breweries, golf, museums, skiing, swimming, and many other local activities. Accommodations include quaint little inns, B & Bs, self-catering apartments, and hotels. Richmond Adult Community College is locates in Twickenham as well.


This college is for adults who have incomplete college and need to increase their skill level for better jobs. There is also the Richmond upon Thames College for students just beginning to prepare for University.

St. Mary’s University College is locates in Strawberry Hill, situates in the south of Twickenham. So it is the oldest Catholic college in the UK. It historically specialize in teacher training, sports studies, humanities, religious studies, and English literature. This area originally consisted of a small cottage on two or three acres.


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